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We're changing how you come and go

- June 25, 2013

Important information about access to The Infants’ Home from July 1 – how to arrive, where to park, and more.

From July 1 we changed how you access the administration area of The Infants' Home. We also changed how you access our grounds and services.

Gorton House. Original illustration by Liz Lovell.

As of 4pm Friday June 28 we closed our former administration area.

All staff access is now via new the building.

The driveway and entrance gates open at 7.30am each morning and close at 6pm each evening.


Disability parking only is available for families via the main driveway to drop off and collect children.

Other parent parking will be on Henry Street. We will monitor this arrangement and inform parents of any future changes.

Staff may park on the grounds of The Infants' Home in allocated parking bays.

Foot access

Access to the site is via the 17 Henry Street gate, Johnson House gate and the new pedestrian pathway in front of Gorton House.

We will lock and close the gates at 17 Henry St and Johnson House between the hours of 10am and 3pm. The entry at Gorton House will remain open.

Location of health staff

Staff from Allied Health are now in the new building. Please speak to our admin staff on 9799-4844 about their new location.

The office and medical room of our Child & Family Health Nurse, Meryl Burn, is located in the new building.

Our Integrated services Manager, Lynn Farrell, is also located in the new building.

If you have any queries, please contact Lynn Farrell

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