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Creating wealth of a different kind

- July 10, 2013

Threatening skies, 10 degrees, and a maintenance manager with a full list of chores – this was the welcome for a group of volunteers from BT Financial Group to The Infants’ Home this week.

On a normal day, Abbey, Alice, Aoife, Cara, Dianne, Heidi, Ivin, Ricky and Sarah would be working in the city as part of BT Financial Group's insurance and wealth management teams.

This day, the volunteers cleaned toys, chairs and windows; moved furniture and blocks of sandstone; and did general maintenance in our yards.

Great moments in self-assembled furniture No. 2,756,934

Aoife, Dianne, Heidi and Sarah got the plum task (NOT) of assembling some new cots for our babies and toddlers in the new Murray House.

Dianne and Sarah come to grips with one of the new cots. 

The Infants’ Home CEO, Anita Kumar, says BT’s regular volunteer work is part of a generous scheme that helps The Infants’ Home save about $100,000 a year in maintenance and labour costs.

“Hosting a team of BT volunteers helps us complete the type of maintenance work we are simply not equipped to handle ourselves,” Anita says.

"When our corporate volunteers donate a day of sweat to help us maintain our site they can be sure they are making a real difference for the children in our care."

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