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Art and language group

- August 27, 2013

A chance for your child to improve their language and learning skills before starting school.

Two children from Robinson House share a moment in the garden.


Would you like your child to have the opportunity to:

Join an art and language group at The Infants' Home

Speech Pathologist, Alice Berry, and Art & Play Therapist, Pensri Rowe, will conduct art and language groups at The Infants' Home's SpOT Clinic.

The groups run for 8-10 sessions with 4-6 participants in each group. They will be held on our site at Ashfield.

Alice and Pensri have two age groups in mind – 2-3 years and 3-6 years.

Since the groups require a minimum of 4 participants to work properly, we are looking for expressions of interest from parents.

Children do not have to be enrolled at The Infants' Home to join a group.

Please call 8719-5014 for more information and to register your interest.

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