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"Can you fly with those wings?"

- February 26, 2013

Rod, Gabby and Elizabeth from Herbalife, one of our corporate sponsors, brought a few talented friends with them on a visit this week to The Infants’ Home – a magical clown and an artistic fairy.

Herbalife donated care packs, which included books, nappies, and clothes. They also made sure our children had a fun time with face painting, balloon art, and activity tunnels.

One young girl asked the fairy: "Can you fly with those wings?"

Robyn, the director of Robinson House, proved she could still limbo, which is almost as cool as flying. Then a few of the children showed Robyn how it’s really done. Well, sort of...

We’ll let the pictures tell that story, and a few others as well.

Robyn's still got it. Mel (L) thinks "I'm glad that's not me." Bev (back left) seems to be willing Robyn on with that slight tilt of her head.

Children from Robinson House do their version of the limbo. Bev sees a laugh.


(L) The magical clown tells a story and (R) Spiderman Jamie looking serious.

Ana presents herself for a transformation from the face-painting fairy.

Gabby from Herbalife meets some new friends.

Altogether now! The clown shows the children some tricks.

More body art from a very popular and talented fairy.

Elizabeth and Rod from Herbalife (back row) join in for song time.

Ana – the finished product, ready to face the rest of the day.

How Herbalife helps

Herbalife supports The Infants' Home's nutrition and anaphylaxis programs. They have also donated a lot of time as volunteers over the past 5 years.  

We are very grateful for the significant contribution Herbalife continues to make to our work with children.

On this day the Herbalife visitors were Rod Taylor (CEO), Elizabeth Eftimovski (National Marketing Manager Australia and New Zealand) and Gabriella DiStefano (Sales and Marketing Assistant Australia and New Zealand).

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