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A new Director for our new centre

- March 15, 2013

Freya O’Brien has started at The Infants’ Home as the Director of our new Early Childhood Education and Care Service, which we expect to open in May as the first stage of our new development.

Freya has an extensive background in early childhood education.

She taught in North Queensland as a literacy and learning support teacher; at The Ella Murray International School in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, as a teacher to Grades 3 & 4; and more recently at other long day care centres in Sydney.

Freya’s philosophy and passion

"My philosophy is to foster analytical and critical thinking in children so they become motivated learners who are conscious of sustainability, social justice and equity issues," Freya says.

"I’m also keen to help them become motivated to use their problem-solving skills to become agents of change."

Freya’s other passion, after the wellbeing of children, is a deep interest in ensuring the sustainability of our environment.

Her goal in this area follows the approach of Shannon Laliberte Parks, the Director of Donor Development at Bioneers "to inspire a shift to live on Earth in ways that honour the web of life, each other, and future generations."

Educating towards sustainable development

Freya recently gave a presentation at The Australian Council for Educational Leaders conference in Brisbane. The theme of the conference was Building Inspirational Learning Teams.

Freya’s narrative interwove the story of building the team of which she was part with its journey of Educating towards Sustainable Development (ESD).

A new era for The Infants’ Home

Freya will be a welcome addition to the director’s team at The Infants’ Home as we launch into the next chapter of our long history of bringing integrated services to children and families.

"I am delighted to be associated with The Infants’ Home," says Freya.

"The integration of allied health services within the organisation provides an environment that will optimise educational and life outcomes for children and their families."

"I believe that children’s enjoyment of the natural environment will be able to flourish in our beautiful outdoor areas.

"Their learning will guide them towards a deep appreciation of the natural world and a desire to protect it.

"We will also have a strong emphasis on exploring self-expression through the arts by engaging children in a variety of mediums, such as music, drama, dance, visual arts and playful learning.

"All of these enjoyable activities provide strong foundations for your children to acquire language, literacy and numeracy skills."

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