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Where there's a will there's a way

- September 13, 2012

Another Saturday working bee at Gorton House where parents and staff move a garden bed to protect it from our current construction hassles.

Mums and Dads pitch in to relocate the Gorton House garden.

The Gorton House families are an energetic, resourceful bunch.

Their recent mission was to “save” the centre's much-loved garden bed from The Infants' Home's ongoing construction.

The garden bed had been trapped between the temporary blue safety fence that now protects children from the construction zone and the smaller green safety fence around Gorton House.

Dad power at work. Anotjer barrow of soil is moved to its new location.

Moving earth

The plan was to relocate the garden bed to a more secure place – inside the grounds of Gorton House. This involved moving about 2 tonnes of soil.

One of the Dads had the idea to dismantle part of the smaller green safety fence and put it back togther once the Gorton working crew had moved the entire garden bed.

Trapped no more. Parents move the garden bed to its new home.

One seedling at a time

The Gorton House parents persevered by gently digging up the seedlings – being careful not to damage them – and then replanting them one by one.

“It was an amazing effort,” says Vin Christanto, the Director of Gorton House.

“We could really see the community of Gorton House coming together to build a great physical environment for our children to learn and play in.

There was plenty of muscle on hand when it was needed.

Eating snow peas straight from the plant

Now in the afternoon, Vin, Deepa, Karen, Melissa, Mita and Nahida often take the children to tend to the Gorton veggie patch, looking for sprouting snow peas.

When they find some plump sprouts, the children eat them fresh from the plant.

“Even those children who don’t like to go anywhere near a steamed vegetable at lunch time will pick a snow pea and munch away, copying their peers,” says Vin.

Deepa leads by example as she replants a bunch of herbs.

Other jobs

The parents helped to rearrange and move the Gorton House storage to the front verandah because the centre will soon lose its storage shed.

Parents also painted the Gorton climbing equipment to protect it from rust.

Xiaowan supervises a painter as he applies a protective coat to the climbing equipment.

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