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GE and MLC lend a hand

- June 21, 2012

More than 300 man hours of hard yakka in one day from two groups of volunteers saves The Infants' Home a lot of trouble.

Two teams of volunteers – one from GE and one from MLC – gave their time in June to complete a variety of tasks for The Infants' Home at our main site in Ashfield and our Family Day Care site in Randwick.

Randwick never looked so loved

At Randwick, a GE team of 15 made a planter box, tidied up our equipment shed, cleaned a large indoor storage cupboard, painted the front entrance, and washed our bus.

From little things, big things grow. The frustrated gardeners from GE.

All these tasks are work The Infants’ Home does not have the manpower to cover.

“We have to say a big thank you to GE for all their help,” says Catherine Hunter, Manager of Family Day Care at The Infants’ Home.

“Our Randwick property looks so much more ‘loved’ after their efforts.”


(L) The GE team that "cleaned up" our Randwick site (R) Nothing like a fresh coat of paint.

Topsoil, mulch and varnish for Ashfield

At Ashfield a team of 35 from MLC found time to refill all our garden beds with fresh topsoil and mulch; top up other gardens with fresh bark; and fill a hole under the swings in Robinson House.

They were also able to paint blackboards in Johnson House and Gorton House; repaint bookshelves; rub back and varnish some high chairs; and rearrange our Compactus room, toy library and programming room.

The MLC boys put their backs into it at Ashfield.

As a reward for their hard work, we let MLC cook us a delicious BBQ lunch.

A day off work – to work

Leaving the world of corporate finance for the day was a welcome break for many of the GE crew.

“It was a great day at a great place,” said Kevin Smith. “It sure beats working.”

Michelle Usman: “It was fantastic. I’d like to do more.”

Caleb Williams: “I had an awesome time. Thanks for the opportunity.”

An MLC volunteer gives the yard at Robinson House the once over.

Our thanks to GE and MLC

The Infants’ Home CEO Anita Kumar says all the thanks should go to GE and MLC.

“GE and MLC are long-time supporters of The Infants’ Home and whenever a group of their people comes here we know they’ll get through a lot of work – and all with a big smile on their faces.

“I hope they know how much we appreciate their efforts. It means we can concentrate on educating and caring for our children.”

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