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We're all potatoes at heart

- November 6, 2012

With apologies to the hit children's TV series of the same name, some other small potatoes turn up at The Infants' Home.

Time to get down to the serious business of finding those potatoes.

The children from Gorton House love their gardening and they were all getting their hands dirty again last week when they harvested their first ever potato crop.

As the children dug out the soil they squealed with excitement as they spotted each new potato.


(L) Millie unearths another small potato and (R) Violet cleans the soil from her discovery.

The children were so proud of their hard work. They all told their Mums and Dads – and anyone else who cared to listen – about their potato plant.

Not just for looking

Roger took one of the potatoes home and his Mum said he loved eating it for dinner mixed with pasta.

"It’s so fresh!" Roger said.

There must be a potato in here somewhere.

Much more to come

It was a wet and chilly Saturday morning back in July when 22 families – including grandparents – came together to plant Gorton House’s vegetable garden.

Rose and Lela don't care that gardening can be dirty work.

Braving the elements that day, the Gorton gardeners planted potatoes, peas, cucumber, carrots, spinach, broad beans, strawberries, lettuce, a banana tree, and a herb garden that includes parsley, rosemary, rocket, chives, thyme and Thai mint.

So there's plenty more good healthy produce to come from the Gorton House market garden.

When the gardening is done, it's time to clean the tools.

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