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Up there Cazaly...and Phoebe and Jay and Ivan and Tia

- May 3, 2012

For a couple of hours this week the main lawn at The Infants' Home looked more like the centre square of the MCG.

This week some of our older children put down their books and pencils to start their education in Australian Rules Football.

Two groups of our 4 and 5 year-olds from Johnson House and Robinson House took part in a coaching clinic sponsored by NAB and the AFL.

(L to R) Jessika Sung, Phoebe, Tia, Rachel (seated) and Ivan, with James Moran from the AFL. 

Led by George Georgallis and James Moran from the Auskick Schools program, our fledging footballers did some running and passing drills, followed by some kicking practice.

Developing motor skills

The Auskick course runs for 10 weeks and is taught by AFL development officers.

The K-2 program being held at The Infants' Home concentrates on developing fundamental motor skills in a safe and fun environment.

The focus is to teach children basic AFL movements and skills, such as catching and passing.


James and one of our budding champs from Robinson House perform an "unders and overs" routine.

Could-a-been champions

Tristan Page, one of our educators from Johnson House, relived his glory days as a potential footy star.

Tristan proved he has lost none of his touch when he showed the children how to kick the ball very, very high.


(L) Tristan and children search for another ball (L) George Georgallis from the AFL with his new students. 

And one of our early childhood teachers from Robinson House, Jessika Sung, surprised non-one when she showed she still has some work to do on her passing twists.

A child cuts through

But the line of the day goes to Phoebe, aged 4, from Robinson House. She took one look at the football and said: "The ball is the wrong shape."

The scouts at Manchester United should be on the phone soon Phoebe.


(L) Phoebe with the "odd-shaped ball" (C) The Johnson House boys scramble (L) James towers over young Ivan.

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