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How to set up a new office in one day

- July 4, 2012

Three volunteers from The Executive Connection visit The Infants’ Home to create a new work space for early childhood teachers.

Joanne Fores, Catherine Selden and Tammie Quast normally spend their working days organising events for The Executive Connection – an international network of chief executives and business owners who meet to share experiences, learn from expert speakers and discuss business issues.

(L to R) Tammie, Joanne and Catherine from The Executive Connection and Robert Stiertzel from TIH.

But at The Infants’ Home Joanne, Catherine and Tammie helped our maintenance guru Robert Stiertzel to set up a new area where our early childhood educators can plan and prepare learning programs.

This involved transforming a dusty and dirty old room into an office, with new carpet, desks, chairs and computers.


Creating a new office in one day takes teamwork (R) We're not sure what Tammie is doing.

Our many corporate friends

Such work is part of a generous volunteer scheme that helps The Infants’ Home to save about $100,000 a year in maintenance and labor costs.

“When our corporate volunteers donate a day of sweat to help us maintain our Ashfield site it means we don’t have to go to the extra expense of hiring others to do these tasks,” says The Infants’ Home CEO Anita Kumar.

“The Executive Connection team certainly put their heads down. We would not have got through a third of the work we needed to complete today without their help.”


(L) Tammie and Joanne move computers from the old...(R) to the new office with Catherine.

What our workers said

Joanne: “Today was a fantastic opportunity to learn and to be part of such an amazing place.”

Catherine: “I really enjoyed the experience. Staff are very friendly and I felt right at home.”

Tammie: “The Infants’ Home is a wonderful organisation. I feel great about contributing today and I look forward to coming back.”

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