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Slaying the archive dragon

- May 23, 2012

Two groups of corporate volunteers help The Infants’ Home with a chore that has haunted us for years.

Years and years of records contained in 90 boxes is a daunting sight. "Frightening" is how you might describe having to log and archive each piece of information contained therin.

Unphased, volunteers from IBM and NAB came to The Infants' Home this past week to help us complete a task we have been dreading.

The volunteer team from IBM after a solid day in the archives.

Sorting, logging, destroying

The IBM volunteers started the archiving by putting the cardboard boxes together – which was a bit like origami. They also logged the information on computer and destroyed confidential records.

These chores fell to Adam Bateson, Jacqueline Tan, Darren Gore, Janene Boyes, John Mitchell and Hong He from IBM's city office.

Backyard blitz

The NAB team comprised Asha Sajish, Jenny Hwang, Mahua Roy, Sandor King, Susanne Stephens, Adnan Siddique, Hellen Kimario, Mei Tan and Lorraine Shields. They visited The Infants’ Home as part of the NAB Employee Volunteer Program.

Apart from finishing the archiving, their tasks were more like a one-day backyard blitz – gardening, mowing lawns, washing windows, clearing out storage sheds, and washing toys.


The volunteer team from NAB (L) Helen, Mahua and Lorraine from NAB.

Thanks for (archiving) the memories

"Archiving years and years worth of records is a scary thought," says The Infants' Home CEO Anita Kumar.

"But with help from the good people at IBM and NAB that is a task we won't have to worry about for another seven years. Perhaps they can come back then?

"Seriously, we must say a huge thankyou to IBM and NAB for volunteering their time and skills to complete what had become an almost insurmountable problem for The Infants’ Home.

"If it wasn't for them, we'd still be having nightmares about those archives."

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