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Putting our bankers to work of a different kind

- March 25, 2012

Westpac volunteers take a day off financial analysis and corporate reporting to mow our lawns, fill our garden beds and wash our bus

History was in the air this week when we hosted a group of volunteers from Westpac Finance Systems Management, based in the city.

On a normal working day, their job is to help the bank’s IT and finance departments speak the same language. This is so everyone can get maximum business benefits from the bank’s vital financial systems.


(L to R) Patrick, Jon, John, Keith and Joe man the shovels.

This day, the employees of the bank which The Infants’ Home has trusted with its money since 1874 – as the Bank of New South Wales – had jobs that were somewhat different.

Hard yakka from many willing hands

Everyone pitched in to fill a mini-skip of rubbish, mow all our lawns, wash our bus, pot some plants, and fill some garden beds. 

Irene Baylon, Michael Blumor, Steve Borsak, Joe Chen, Keith Herron, John Horn, Neola Johnson, Patrick Kaththiri, Trang Le, Jon Naylor, Norelei Niduaza, Mike Peters, Isabelle Pierre, Sudha Prasad, John Siderovski, Ian Templeton, and Shirley Wong did the hard yakka.


Irene (L) Neola (M) and Sudha (R) at work across three of our childcare centres.

A little leniency from "the Princess foreman"

The Infants’ Home’s volunteer co-ordinator Karina Phillips says the Westpac crew had worked so hard across the day she called a halt to the working bee a little earlier than usual.

“I couldn’t keep them any longer,” Phillips says. “That would have been cruel.”

But the Westpac team didn’t seem to mind

“It was a great day,” says Neola. “We really felt like we helped.”

“I loved it,” says John. “Work like this is good for the soul.”

Says Joe Chen: “It’s great to do some work for a good cause.”

The Community Team from Westpac Finance Systems Management take a well-earned lunch break.

Getting by with help from our friends

The Infants’ Home CEO Anita Kumar says it is this type of spirit that helps keep The Infants’ Home in shape and functioning smoothly.

“Some of this Westpac crew were returning for their second and third tour of duty at The Infants’ Home and it’s always great to see them here at Ashfield,” Anita says. “They are wonderful contributors to our cause.

“I know the children were watching them get through their work and shouting encouragement. On their behalf, a very big thank you to our friends from Westpac.” 

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