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Burwood Council grant to pay for financial mentor

- April 21, 2012

A $2,500 grant from Burwood Council will help The Infants' Home follow-up with women involved in a local financial literacy program

Burwood Council has given The Infants’ Home $2,500 to fund a mentor who will help women manage their money better and develop financial independence.

The council makes funds available under its annual Community Services Grants Program to pay for community services that benefit local residents. 

The grant will allow a financial mentor to follow-up with 10 participants in a local financial literacy program called In Charge of My Money.

Managing money better

In Charge of My Money is a 4-week course which aims to help women improve their financial literacy. It is for women who have English as a second language.

The free program is a joint project between The Infants’ Home, Ashfield Council, Burwood Council, the City of Canada Bay Council, Strathfield Council and the Wesley Mission.

In Charge of My Money aims to help women:

What the mentor will do

The financial mentor will support the 10 women to implement the strategies they learn in the course. The mentor will also conduct a financial health check on the women.

"Research has shown that programs with a mentoring service attached to them have a higher rate of success in improving the money management of participants," says The Infants' Home CEO, Anita Kumar.

"This program will target women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who may have been a target of domestic violence, or other social disadvantage, such as isolation, financial hardship, homelessness or other trauma."

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