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MLC give our premises another good scrub

- July 18, 2012

Many thanks to a good-natured bunch from MLC who spend a day at The Infants' Home on the tools.

A group of volunteers from MLC proved hard work can be fun when they helped to spruce up one of our early education centres.

(L to R) Robin, David, Blazer, Michael, Julia, Yonis (and mascot) admire their bricklaying skills. 

Julia Logoifiti, David Smith, Blazer Tuhou, Yonis Ahmad, Michael French and Robin Smith traded their desks and air-conditioned comfort in North Sydney for a day outdoors in perfect inner-west winter sunshine.

All in a day’s work

After a morning of leaf-blowing and sweeping, the team cleaned the windows and scrubbed the floors of our biggest and busiest centre – Robinson House.

They even found time to repair a a garden bed by laying some new bricks.

It didn’t take long for our ever-curious children to notice the new faces behind the brooms and brushes.

Cries of “What’s your name?” and “What are you doing soon followed”.


(L) Yonis and Blazer on the outside looking in (R) Michael and the team get down to the nitty gritty.

Lending a hand

Some of the children even pitched in to help clean the courtyard in Robinson House.

One young boy showed his manners by shouting a big thank you as the MLC team went about its work.

Lasting impressions

Julia: “I loved the history of the place and the scenery. I had great fun.”

David: “An awesome experience. I will do it again.”

Yonis: “It was great experience to do some bricklaying.”


(L) Julia and Robin get the windows spic n' span (R) Robin and Blazer ready for action.

Next time

The group wanted to make special mention of an energetic work colleague they thought would be perfect for a day of hard yakka at The Infants’ Home.

So to you John the mad Rabbitohs supporter at MLC North Sydney – we'll see you next time.


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