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MLC clean up TIH

- April 11, 2012

A "maintenance" crew from MLC puts high finance aside to give The Infants' Home a much-needed spruce up after those recent storms.

It was a chilly day this week when a small team of hardy souls from MLC – members of the National Australia Bank (NAB) employee volunteer program – reported for some toil at The Infants’ Home.

That's a wrap: the MLC volunteer team after a long day on the tools.

When you occupy 4.5 hectares of heritage-listed grounds there are always lawns to mow, skips to fill, leaves to blow, hedges to trim, weeds to pull, and barrows to push.

The MLC financial services team comprised Gwen Bergstedt, Amir Bokhari, William Chen, Anthony Duong, Jemma Hunt, Shannon McVee, John Nguyen, Min Oo, Vicki Ritson, Paul Sheehan, Adam Smith, and Dalin Va.

Mow, mow, mow the lawn

Paul was the natural choice for the ride-on lawnmower since his father runs a farm in Tasmania and Paul knows his way around such equipment. Our bottom paddock hasn’t looked this good for months.


(L) Gwen and Vicki hit the barrows (M) Paul does the bottom paddock (R) Dalin, Anthony and William.

Min turned our central lawn area into the centre square of the SCG; Dalin made our pathways look like those at Government House; and Vicki declared war on the property’s weeds.

We even had the eagle eye of Shannon proof-read our annual report. His pedantic and thorough approach has saved us from some embarrassing howlers.


(L) Shannon trawling for boo-boos in a draft of our annual report and (R) Min cuts back a month's worth of growth.

What the MLC team thought of their day

MLC is the wealth management division of NAB. The team that came to The Infants’ Home would normally spend their working day in a high-rise office in North Sydney supporting the bank’s vast financial planning networks.

None of the crew seemed to miss the phones, computers and desks of a regular Wednesday. Some comments included:

Shannon: “Loved the people. It’s great what you do here.”

Min: “It’s a rewarding experience every time.”

Jemma: “It was great to help out and see that we made a difference.”

Adam: “Very exhausting – but a great day.”

And someone who clearly needs to be assigned extra tasks next time, Anthony: “It was fun.”


(L) Amir cranks the whipper-snpper into action and (R) Paul and Anthony load the skip.

Thanks to MLC

The Infants’ Home CEO, Anita Kumar, says many generous individuals donate their time and energy to The Infants’ Home through our corporate volunteering program.

“Hosting a team of MLC volunteers helps us complete the type of maintenance work we are simply not equipped to handle ourselves,” she says.

“It’s also a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of our work. We always take some time at the start of the day to tell volunteers a little about The Infants’ Home so they can see how their volunteering contributes to our efforts.

“And this team of volunteers from MLC certainly did their bit for us. They are welcome back any time.”

Someone's gotta do it...

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