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Herbalife comes to The Infants' Home

- December 11, 2012

The local head of a global corporation visits our Ashfield centre to see how the firm's generosity is helping vulnerable children and families.

Herbalife General Manager, Rod Taylor, comes to grips with a tougher audience than what he is used to.


The Infants’ Home hosted a visit to our centre recently by Herbalife General Manager, Rod Taylor, and Herbalife Assistant Sales Manager, NSW, Paul Yoon.

Herbalife has been a long-time and generous supporter of our work with children facing vulnerable circumstances.

How Herbalife helps children

The Herbalife Family Foundation improves children’s lives by helping organisations to provide healthy nutrition to children in need. The foundation also often supports relief efforts in response to natural disasters.

The Casa Herbalife program was launched in 2005 to help provide nutritious meals by partnering with existing charities that serve children.

Herbalife and The Infants’ Home

In February 2008, The Infants’ Home received a grant from the Herbalife Family Foundation to help provide a specialised nutrition program for children in our care who have special dietary requirements.

At the time, this was the 31st Casa Herbalife program established worldwide.

Over the past four years, Herbalife has donated about $140,000 to The Infants’ Home. We have used this money for our anaphylaxis program and our general health program.

Herbalife distributors also volunteer to help at many of our fundraising events, including Carols by Twilight, the Art Show, and our Carnival and Market Day.

On this visit Herbalife donated $1,500 worth of Coles/Myer gift cards, which we will use soon to brighten Christmas for children and families in need.

Rod Taylor gives Enza McNaught the Coles/Myer gift cards. Lynn Farrell and Meryl Burn look on.

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