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Harmony Day, The Infants' Home way

- March 22, 2012

153 children, 18 languages and one very harmonious day out

Our Harmony Day celebration at The Infants’ Home was one of more than 1,000 events held around Australia to mark our country's cultural diversity.

More than half the children at our 5 early education centres come from a non English-speaking background and combined, our staff speak 18 different languages.

So the one thing we like more than a party at The Infants' Home is a party that celebrates the idea that everyone belongs – regardless of their background.

Let the dancing begin! Cristina from Sydney Dance Rhythms leads the children in some funky Latin beats.

Zumba gets the children moving

On this Harmony Day 2012 it was music inspired by the Zumba dance fitness craze that brought us all together for some fun and laughter.

Cristina from Sydney Dance Rhythms got the party started and our children soon found their own rhythm.

From here, we’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Sam from Johnson Babies (L) and Ana from Gorton House (R) tell Cindy it's time for another dance.


Mia (L) and Valentina from Johnson House show the Robinson House crew how it's done.


And the Robinson House crew (foreground) respond in kind.


Again and again and again...


Deepa from Gorton House (L) shows her cultural style, as Sarah from Robinson House shows some style of a different kind.

Ana from Rigby House (middle) and friends take a breather to enjoy the music.

And like any true gentleman, Christian from Gorton House knows when it's time to call a halt. It seems he enjoyed himself.

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