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GE volunteers make our 4 acres look small

- August 8, 2012

Backyard blitz on a grand scale.

When you’ve got more than 4 acres to maintain you need all the help you can muster. Lucky The Infants’ Home has plenty of friends.

This week we again welcomed a group of volunteers from GE who were keen for some dirty, sweaty work.

Libby gets out the shears to clean up some stubborn undergrowth.

Trading their air-conditioned offices for a day of manual labour were Dylen Bhogan, Rebecca Blair, Seru Bogi-Tokaduadua, Elizabeth Cox, Gamze Demiroz, JayaPrada Devathi, Christie Gavin, Brandon Lee, Kevin O’Toole, Jenny Pan, Libby Pin, Tatiana Ramos, Tatianna Stephan, Rebecca Taduran, Priscila Valencia.


(L) Tatiana and Priscila give some toys a new lease of life (R) JayaPrada tidies the autumn leaves.

Questions, questions, questions

Taking a break from clearing a garden bed, Jenny fell into the trap of engaging a curious group of 4 year-old girls.

27 questions later – such as “what’s your name?” and “what are you doing?” – Jenny was able to escape her inquisitors. There’s nothing like a child’s curiosity.

Across a full day, the GE volunteers mulched our gardens, removed stumps, cleaned windows, cleared weeds and other debris, and collected a mountain of autumn leaves.


(L) Clearing undergrowth unearthed a sculpture (R) Rebecca mulches a garden bed.

What the GE team thought

Priscila: “It was a great experience, and good to see all the compassion and willingness to help.”

Seru: “I enjoyed my time at The Infants’ Home. What a delight to see the staff’s friendly and smiling faces. I’m happy to come back again.”

Rebecca: “It was great to be able to get stuck into some gardening that really made a big difference to the grounds.”


(L) Kevin keeps the mulch coming (R) Gamze enjoys getting out of the office for a day.

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