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GE swap customer service for community service

- July 25, 2012

Some of the team at GE Custom Fleet come to The Infants’ Home for a day of volunteer work.

The GE Custom Fleet team have been given their instructions and they're ready for the day ahead.

Fog, 9 degrees, and a maintenance manager with a full list of chores – this was the welcome for a group of volunteers from GE Custom Fleet to The Infants’ Home this week.

The GE volunteers on duty were John Calcara, Mark Challinor, Graham Crawford, Russell Jones, Anna Tupoli, Tai Manori, Fabian Vassallo, Ankit Shukla and Antonio Thewissen.

Plenty to do 

The GE team would normally spend their working day fielding calls from customers. But this day was about painting, tidying a big toy library, raking leaves, cleaning windows – and playing in the sandpit.

Ankit and Graham were awarded the special task of filtering sand and moving it to a new play area. Weather dirties the sand with leaves, twigs and sticks, which can harm soft little hands and eyes.


Ankit (L) and Graham complete the sand transplant at Gorton House.

“I’ve gone back to my childhood,” said Ankit, as he poured another bucketload onto the sieve.

Meanwhile, in a room not far away, John, Mark and Russell gave new order and life to a toy library that had become disorganised and drab.

A rewarding day for all

The Infants’ Home is always pleased to hear feedback from volunteers who feel they have not only made a contribution, but also got something from the day themselves.

“I had a really enjoyable day helping out,” said Anna, washing paint from her hands – and some from her hair.

“It was an awesome experience,” said Ankit. “I would like to do it again.”

Fabian: “I enjoyed myself and would definitely come back.”

(L to R) John, Mark and Russell bring some order to what was our toy library chaos.

Many less things we have to do

The help The Infants’ Home receives from volunteers such as GE allows staff to concentrate on early childhood development without the extra chore of maintaining our 4.5 acre site and all its equipment. 


(L) Clearing the shed in Johnson House of leaves and (R) painting play equipment in Gorton House. 

The Infants’ Home CEO Anita Kumar says on such a big property there is always something to do.

“GE has been a wonderful supporter for many years and we always appreciate their efforts,” she says.

“Soon enough, our children will be enjoying the equipment the GE team painted and playing with the toys they helped to organise. And there's nothing like clean sand to run your fingers through.

"This is what we call making a difference."

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