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Celebrate National Playgroup Week with The Infants' Home

- March 27, 2012

Family Day Care joins in the fun of National Playgroup Week from March 25 to April 1.

Many Family Day Care services managed by The Infants’ Home are celebrating National Playgroup Week from March 25 to April 1.

The annual celebration is designed to highlight the importance of playgroups enjoyed by thousands of families around Australia.

Playgroups are a vital way to help children learn about themselves and the world.

Playgroup is something that many Family Day Care educators attend every week as a way of connecting with other educators and parents in their local community.

Family Day Care at The Infants' Home

Services managed by The Infants’ Home attend playgroups every so often with other children from the local community.

The Infants’ Home Family Day Care Manager, Catherine Hunter, says this is a great way for the children in their care to make new friends and learn new skills.

“The children really look forward to playgroup as it’s an opportunity for them to go on an excursion, meet up with other children and play with new toys and games,” Hunter says.

“Playgroup is also a great way for Family Day Care educators to collaborate and share ideas and programming tips with other educators and parents from the local community.”

Red Bug Playgroup in Ashfield Park. Activities are designed to get children interacting and having fun.

Learning through play

In line with the National Quality Framework, Family Day Care services around the country are celebrating community-based events and linking them to fundamentals of the Early Years Learning Framework.

The calendar of community events, including National Playgroup Week, celebrates safety, childhood development, cultural diversity, and play-based learning.

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