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From little things, big things grow

- September 13, 2012

Children at The Infants' Home enjoy a beautiful morning in the garden, learning about plants from the experts at Bunnings.

Margo from Bunnings hands out some gloves to the next generation of gardeners.

The children of Gorton House had a visit from two plant experts from Ashfield Bunnings yesterday, Margo and Shell.

The Bunnings ladies brought in some seedlings and invited the children to do some gardening.

Getting down and dirty in the Gorton House garden beds.

Everyone got involved in planting the seedlings in the much-loved garden beds at Gorton House.

"We learned about the different varieties of vegetables, such as roly poly carrot, cucumber, and evergreen lettuces," says Vin Christanto, the Director of Gorton House.

Margo shows the children the different plants they will put into their much-loved garden.

Later on, the children helped two of our early childhood educators at Gorton, Karen and Deepa, to water the new plantings.

Hugo learns that plants get thirsty too. Karen and Deepa keep a watchful eye on the watering.

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