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Bob The Builder, Thomas and team pitch in

- August 1, 2012

A willing group of volunteers from the city office of BT Financial Group spend a day at The Infants’ Home to help maintain our property.

The volunteer team from BT Financial (L to R): Ed, Paul, Ben, Brett, Thomas and Chloe.

They may be analyst programmers by profession but their hearts belong in the garden – at least for a day.

Edwar Sayegh, Thomas Chan, Brett Gough, Paul Tsang, Benjamin Wong, and Chloe Snape traded their high-rise desks, phones and screens for gloves, shovels and wheelbarrows.

Famous namesakes

The children of Robinson House – our curious 3 to 5 year-olds – welcomed the volunteers with a barrage of questions and suggestions about tending to our gardens.

Brett, aka Bob The Builder, and Thomas, aka... well, you can guess that one – put their heads down for most of the morning moving a large pile of woodchips.

Paul, Ben and Chloe pitched in to collect and spread the chips around our extensive garden areas.


(L) Thomas and Ben prepare another load of woodchips (R) Brett and his new apprentice.

No such thing as a free lunch

The BT crew also washed windows and filled a garden bed with soil. As a reward for their hard work, we let them cook our monthly BBQ lunch for staff.

The BT crew enjoyed being part of The Infants’ Home's extended family.

Chloe: “I had a great day. It felt good to contribute something and get some sunshine, fresh air and exercise.”

Thomas: “It’s nice to be back. I was here about 8 years ago doing some painting and I enjoy being able to help.”

(L to R) Paul, Chloe and Thomas put their backs into our hill of woodchips.

Great costs savings

The CEO of The Infants’ Home, Anita Kumar, says:

“The BT volunteers are among a group of people who give their time generously to The Infants’ Home to save the expense of hiring others to maintain our property.

“We are always grateful for such help. We have calculated that it would cost us more than $100,000 a year in maintenance if it were not for our volunteers.

“Instead, we get to spend that money on programs for children with special needs. That’s the real measure of what our volunteers contribute to The Infants’ Home.”


(L) Thomas moves another load of woodchips to where they're needed (R) Brett cooks lunch.

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