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Being part of a wider community

- May 29, 2012

Occasional excursions for children from The Infants' Home allows them to do much more than just broaden their horizons.

An excursion to Liv's Place at Timbrell Park in Five Dock was a wonderful opportunity for children from Johnson House to enjoy a day out and to be a part of their community.

The children were able to see their own place in the world in connection to local spaces that they must share with others.

Gross motor skills got a a good testing on what must be the coolest merry-go-round in Sydney.

Preparing for the trip

Conversations on the bus to the park were geared around the children's need to be aware they were going to a space they would share with other children and their families.

Staff from The Infants' Home reminded the children that as a group from Johnson House they should embrace the opportunity to introduce themselves to other children and families in our community.

Children being visable

Mariam Christodoulos, Director of Johnson House at The Infants' Home, says one of the most important advocacy tools for children's rights is to start with children being visible.


(L) There was a new challenge around every corner for some and (R) familiar delights for others.

"Taking children out in small groups makes a statement about the value we place on children's rights," says Mariam.

"We can show our wider community that children are capable of being responsible, safe and active civic members.

"The national curriculum framework embraces this philosophy, encouraging educators of early childhood services to support each child's sense of ‘being, belonging and becoming.

“What better way to help children feel they belong than to take them to a space designed for children?

Building confidence

The children from Johnson House were able to expand their level of confidence on the new equipment, using and trusting the gross motor skills they have developed and practiced at The Infants’ Home.

There are few parks in Sydney where it's possible to play an instrument that is bigger than yourself.

“New surroundings can be daunting for children and it was wonderful to watch them approach Liv’s Place,” says Mariam.

“Their initial reaction was to assess the unfamiliar space, with some excitement. This excitement turned to investigation, then determination, and finally some wonderfully imaginative games.”

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