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At The Infants’ Home, everyone belongs

- March 7, 2012

With so many children and families from different backgrounds, Harmony Day is a very special time for The Infants' Home.

The Infants’ Home will promote the theme of belonging on Wednesday 21 March as a way to mark Harmony Day – a celebration of Australia's cultural diversity.

Cultural diversity is a standout feature of The Infants' Home 

How The Infants' Home will celebrate

We will have children’s entertainment on our main lawn at Ashfield followed by lunch for staff.

10:30am – children’s entertainment
12:00pm – staff lunch

Staff at The Infants’ Home will bring a dish to share that reflects their culture and dress in national costume.

Volunteers from PriceWaterhouseCoopers will also attend and share this celebration with us.

Why Harmony Day is important to us

“Harmony day is a wonderful annual event when all of us can celebrate our nation’s cultural diversity,” says Anita Kumar, The Infants’ Home CEO.

“The message for Harmony Day is that ‘everyone belongs’, which means all Australians are a welcome part of our country, regardless of their background. 

“It is an opportunity to celebrate what makes each Australian unique and share what we have in common. 

“We have many children from different backgrounds who attend The Infants’ Home, so it is a very special day for us.”

Harmony Day 2012 - staff

Staff at The Infants' Home speak 18 different languages

The story behind Harmony Day

Harmony Day is managed by the Federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Since 1945, more than 7 million people have migrated to Australia.

Our population can identify with more than 270 ancestries and today, about 45 per cent of Australians are either born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas.  

Since 1999, more than 25,000 Harmony Day events have been staged in childcare centres, schools, community groups, churches, businesses, and Federal, State and local government agencies. 

What's special about Harmony Day 2012

The Harmony Day theme for 2012 is Sport: play-engage-inspire

Sport is a powerful way to bring people from all walks of life together to share in a common passion and strive for a common goal.

The aim of Harmony Day 2012 is to encourage everyone to participate in a sporting activity, increase understanding, and to be inspired or inspire others. 

Harmony Day banner


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