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Work to start soon on our new centre

- June 9, 2012

After many years in planning and approvals, a new Early Learning and Care Centre will begin to take shape at The Infants' Home from July.

After the usual delays – and some unforeseen circumstances – work will begin soon on our new Early Learning and Care Centre.

We have called for building tenders and we expect to hire a builder by the end of June for work to start in early July.

Meeting to discuss plans

To keep everyone informed about what this development means for The Infants' Home, we will hold a meeting at our site in Ashfield on Wednesday 27 June from 6pm – 7.30pm.

Please come to the meeting with any questions or comments you have about the building works.

Do we need regular meetings?

At the meeting, we also want to find out if there is interest from families or staff who would like to establish monthly meetings.

Such regular gatherings would aim to identify any issues and find solutions. They would also brainstorm potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate these risks.

If you are unable to attend the initial meeting, you can speak to the Director or your child’s centre or to our Learning and Development Services Manager, Lynn Farrell.

A staged approach

We hope you have already seen the plans displayed in each of our centres. These plans outline the full scope of the building work.

The project will be completed in stages, and there will be some impact on our existing services. We know what to expect and we will manage the change.

The first stage will include Block 1A, 1B and 2A.

Regular updates

The Infants’ Home will produce a regular newsletter to share information and to answer questions. There will also be regular updates on our web site, and photographs of progress on our Facebook page.

"At The Infants' Home, we value a sense of belonging and ownership," says Lynn Farrell. "It is important that any future building work is owned by our community.

"We want to instil a strong sense of our values and mission, welcome opinions from The Infants' Home community, and make a powerful statement about who we are and what we value."

More information

For details about the initial meeting or the new centre, please contact Lynn Farrell

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