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Art is Me – and you, and everyone

- May 7, 2012

Children at The Infants' Home show how they use art to explore ideas, develop basic literacy and numeracy, and engage in the creative process.

Each of the Cockatoo children from Robinson House created figures of themselves using various materials.

The Infants’ Home Annual Art Show this year was a celebration of young creativity.

It was a glorious day, with sunshine and a vibrant atmosphere. The artwork was beautiful and everyone enjoyed their time at The Infants' Home. Many parents and visitors made lovely comments.


(L) Aashrith shows his artwork to his parents (R) Jarvis and his Dad Glen take a closer look at his work.

Each one of our early childhood education centres had a unique way of representing the theme of this year's exhibition – Art is Me.

Our annual celebration of art and creativity

Each year, children from our four early education and care centres dispaly their original works of art for parents, neighbours, extended family and the local community.

The exhibition is an opportunity for everyone to appreciate that nurturing a child’s creativity is as important as developing numeracy and literacy. 


(L) Catherine, Lisa and Cathy prepare the display for Johnson Babies (R) Ana with the display for Rigby House.

Art is Me

The theme for this year’s event, “Art is Me”, was inspired by the new national curriculum for early childhood education, which encompasses BELONGING, BEING and BECOMING.

BELONGING – knowing where and with whom you belong.
BEING – recognising the significance of the here and now in children's lives.
BECOMING – reflecting on rapid change as children grow and learn.


(L) Art by Skye from Rigby House (R) Violet lets her artwork do the talking.

The children from Johnson House presented what at first appeared to be grainy photographs of themselves.

Closer inspection revealed that each shot was comprised of tiny photographs of each of their classmates.


Putting pixels to work: The Johnson House interpretation of "Art is Me".

“Our Art Show is one of the signature events of our year and it is always a wonderful day,” says The Infants’ Home CEO, Anita Kumar.

“None of it is possible without the creativity and interest of the children. Their willingness to engage with new and unusual ideas; their passion and excitement for exploring and discovering different ways of doing things; and their openness to feeling, being and sensing is all inspirational. 

“Their works are magnificent and we were all captivated by their creativity.”


(L) Artwork from Gorton House on display (R) Hugo wonders where to join the queue for the sausage sizzle.

Behind the scenes

It's also a day that takes a lot of extra effort from our early childhood teachers and educators, and support from our corporate sponsors.

This year we say particular thanks to GE Finance for helping with the cost of art materials.


(L) More original creations from our young artists. (R) The Robinson House bear hunt map.

The Infants' Home President, Denise Taylor, says the art show would not be such a success without the energy and enthusiasm of all staff.

"The day is as much a credit to their commitment and passion as it is to the children whose work we all enjoy," she says.


The Infants' Home staff: (L) Aruna and Vasuki (R) Tristan, Sreedevi, Karen and Mel.

A picnic atmosphere for our birthday

About 300 people made a visit across the 3 hours of the exhibition. Many brought picnic lunches, and others enjoyed the sausage sizzle provided and cooked by Strathfield Rotary.

It was also our 138th birthday!

We were pleased to be able to share this celebration with so many families and friends of the children in our care.


(L) The hands and feet of our young artists (R) Some hungry young tummies wait for their slice. 

The Infants' Home enjoys throwing open its doors for community events such as our annual art show. After hibernating for winter we'll be ready for our Carnival and Market Day in October. 


(L) A magpie's eye view of the scene (R) Trevor Duxbury and Grahame True from Strathfield Rotary.

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