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Recognising the value of self-initiated activity from the earliest age

- October 23, 2012

One of our directors goes "back to school" to learn from internationally renowned experts in the United States.

When Ana Franco won a scholarship to study early childhood education in the United States she knew it was a wonderful opportunity to learn from educators who are recognised as international experts in their field.

Ana Franco in the thick of the action at Rigby House.

Ana, the Director of Rigby House at The Infants’ Home, received the 2012 Early Childhood Leadership Development Scholarship Award from Early Childhood Australia and McArthur Management Services.

The Pikler approach

Ana is now in the United States studying exemplary early childhood services.

She is attending a week-long intensive learning course offered by the Pikler/Locsy Fund USA – a program focussed on infants and toddlers.

The course, Observation of Infants and Toddlers: Attention to Detail, helps educators to develop their skills in observing young children.

Ana will also visit centres in South Carolina and California during her time in the US.

In South Carolina Ana will see the Pikler approach in practice and observe interactions and learning environments offered for young children.

She will then travel to California to visit some of the demonstration centres that are part of the program for infant and toddler care.

New lessons for The Infants' Home

When Ana returns from her studies she will share what she has learnt with educators at The Infants' Home.

This will include an organisation-wide information session to train staff as a group, and working one-to-one with staff on their documentation to put any changes into practice.

Ana will also present information at several conferences in Australia.

What Ana – and The Infants' Home – will gain from this study trip

Ana says this is a wonderful opportunity for her and The Infants' Home and she has many goals:

Ana also plans to submit a paper for the 2014 Early Childhood Australia conference to share her experiences and to provide other educators with ideas on how they could also make changes in their centres.

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