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A travel icon takes its first trip to The Infants' Home

- May 2, 2012

A couple of employees from Sabre Australia trade their North Sydney high-rise for a day in the glorious autumn sun at Ashfield.

Two people took a break from the world’s biggest industry this week to spend some time in the world’s most important industry.

Sabre Australia Finance Director, Wally Phillips, and Anna Van der Mere, Executive Assistant to the General Manager of Sabre Asia Pacific, spent half a day away from their busy corporate schedule to help with some chores at The Infants’ Home.

Wally Phillips and Anna Van der Mere

Anna and Wally handled the mail out of our latest Happenings newsletter then picked up the leaf blowers to make our premises look spic and span for our Annual Art Show and Exhibition this Saturday. 

"Give Time Together"

Anna and Wally were getting a head start to Sabre’s annual "Give Time Together" initiative , where Sabre employees around the world donate their time to community charities.

Give Time Together is an annual, week-long event during which Sabre employees participate in a range of charities in their regular work hours.

In recent years, Sabre have assisted a diverse range of community projects, including maintaining disabled housing in The Netherlands, raising money for cat adoption services in Shanghai, and producing invitations for the Meals on Wheels annual gala dinner in Chicago.

The world’s biggest industry

Sabre supplies technology to the travel industry which connects buyers and sellers through a global network that includes 350,000 travel agents, 400 airlines, 100,000 hotels, 25 car rental companies, 50 rail providers and 13 cruise lines.

Travel and tourism is the world's largest industry, employing 231 million people. It generates more than $730 billion a year in the US alone. 

Early Childhood Education and Care is – arguably – the world's most important industry. What it generates around the world each year is priceless.

Thanks from The Infants' Home

The Infants' Home CEO, Anita Kumar says she is grateful Sabre was able to spare some time for The Infants' Home.

"We always welcome the help we receive from the corporate sector," says Kumar.

"Wally and Anna enjoyed their time with us and they can be sure they have made a direct contribution to the children in our care. We'd be happy to welcome back Sabre any time."

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