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A community built on respecting all cultures and beliefs

- September 17, 2012

Amongst the children, parents and staff at The Infants’ Home you can see the face of modern Australia.

China, India, Burma, Vietnam, Italy, England and Australia: Just a small cross-section of our staff.

The Infants’ Home is concerned that the civic unrest in Sydney over the weekend does a major injustice to Australia’s Muslim community.

We fear that the illegal actions of a small, vocal minority of people can too easily lead to ill-informed judgements about Australia’s peaceful Muslim community.

Tolerance and acceptance makes for one big, happy family

We have several Muslim families and staff at The Infants’ Home. They are part of a rich group of people from different faiths, cultures, languages and countries. Combined, employees at The Infants’ Home speak 18 languages.

More than 50 per cent of the children who attend The Infants’ Home are from a culturally or linguistically diverse background.

Playtime in Gorton House includes children from a dozen different cultural backgrounds.

This diversity helps to enrich the education program we offer in all our centres. It makes it easier for us to nurture the principles of integration, collaboration and inclusiveness, and broaden the views of all the children in our care.

Children respect similarities and differences

On any one day in any of our five centres we have children from all the well-known faiths – as well as children from lesser-known religions – eating, playing and learning together.

Their curiosity makes them question the adult prejudices that create racial divides.

Playtime in Johnson Babies, one of our centres for 0-2 year-olds.

Children respect the many differences and similarities that make up our community. They see first and foremost the things that make us one community, one country, one world.

This is the future for Australia, not what we saw on our televisions screens over the weekend.

Today is Australian citizenship day and Friday is The United Nations’ International Day of Peace, which makes this week the perfect time to focus not on the things that divide us, but on all the wonderful things that unite us as Australians.

A scene from last year's Christmas carols concert. Details for 2012 coming soon.

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