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$30,000 grant will have social impact on the inner-west

- April 18, 2012

A recommendation from local politician Charles Casuscelli helps The Infants' Home to secure funding for a new education and wellbeing centre which will benefit the whole community.

A grant of $30,000 from the NSW Government through its Community Building Partnership (CBP) program will help The Infants' Home build a new Early Learning and Care Centre at Ashfield.

The CBP program provides funds for community groups and local councils to invest in community infrastructure throughout the State.

The Infants' Home received the grant following a recommendation from the State Member for Strathfield, Charles Casuscelli.

The Infants' Home CEO, Anita Kumar, State Member for Strathfield Charles Casuscelli, and children from Robinson House.

The money will go towards building a new centre, which is critical to creating an environment that best delivers the unique services required by children and families, especially those with special needs. 

Each year, over 1300 children aged 0-5 access early childhood education, early intervention and family support through The Infants' Home.

Why the new centre is needed

In 2009, an independent analysis revealed the need for additional children’s services in the inner-west.

Some major characteristics of Bankstown, Canterbury, Strathfield, Burwood, Ashfield and Canada Bay included:


The new centre will improve local community participation and cohesion by delivering social services; and improve opportunities for people from disadvantaged and isolated groups to be included in community activities.

Longer term benefits to the community

Our project is about long term outcomes for individuals, families and the community.

The aim is to build within children and families:

Needs are changing

The Infants’ Home CEO, Anita Kumar, says family functioning and capacity is changing as Australia evolves.

"We are seeing an increasing marginalised group of people affected by poverty, social isolation, growing mental health concerns and substance misuse," says Kumar.

"We can no longer rely on current service provision to address these issues. Services like ours, which are contemporary and see beyond maintenance of the status quo, have the potential to grow a healthy, vibrant and harmonious society in which each and every child and family has the capacity to contribute to the whole.

"The focus of this project to deliver long term benefits to vulnerable children, families and the broader community."

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