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The many Santas at Jardine Lloyd Thompson

- December 16, 2011

One of our corporate supporters helps to make Christmas a little brighter for vulnerable children.

About 40 children who would otherwise not receive a gift this Christmas will find something from Santa under their tree thanks to the generosity of staff at Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT).

Mell and Anna from JLT with kids from The Infants' Home

(L to R) Mell Howe and Anna Conomos of Jardine Lloyd Thompson with Andie Salamon and children from The Infants' Home. Other children (not pictured here) will receive a gift from Santa thanks to JLT. 

Five representatives from JLT came to The Infants' Home with gifts which they and their Sydney colleagues had bought for children whose parents cannot afford Christmas presents.

Trina Panopio, Anna Conomos, Steve Annakin, Mell Howe and Kaye Apolony made the trip to Ashfield with individually wrapped and addressed presents. 

A Merry Christmas from big business

Jardine Lloyd Thompson is an international group of risk specialists and employee benefits consultants. The company has supported The Infants' Home with Christmas gifts for vulnerable children for about 10 years.

Each year, The Infants' Home Fundraising Officer Enza McNaught sends to JLT a list of first names of those children who attend The Infants' Home whose family circumstances mean they cannot afford Christmas presents.

The name of each child includes the type of present that child would like to receive from Santa.

How it works

JLT sends an all-staff email saying the names of children are now available for them to 'adopt' as the recipient of their Christmas spirit. And you have to be quick at JLT. This year all 40 names were taken in less than five minutes.

"We are very grateful to the people at JLT for being so generous," says McNaught.

"The parents of these children cannot afford Christmas presents. By providing their names to JLT, with an idea of what the child wants for Christmas, JLT help to make sure it is Christmas for everyone.

"It really does make a big difference to a child’s Christmas."

Trina and Steve from JLT reading to kids at The Infants' Home

Having delivered their gifts, Trina Panopio and Steve Annakin from JLT take time to read a story to children.

The personal touch

One JLT employee, Mell Howe, said she and her colleagues enjoy the process.

"It's more personal to get a child's name with an idea of what they’re hoping for than just donating a random gift," Howe said.

"When I got my name this year I really started to get excited about looking for the right gift."

From the top down

The JLT Social Club co-ordinates the gift-giving at JLT and Trina Panopio says everyone at the company participates.

"People know it's for a wonderful cause and the idea is always well supported at JLT, up to and including our Chairman," says Panopio.

"We are very happy to be involved with The Infants' Home because we know of its work with vulnerable children."

Something under each tree

This year the gifts from JLT included books, toys, kitchen sets, dolls, and school supplies for children on their way to 'big school'.

The Infants' Home will distribute the presents to parents and carers in time for them to be under their trees on Christmas morning.

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