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Carols by Twilight gets Christmas under way

- December 3, 2011

Christmas 2011 off to a merry and musical start at The Infants' Home.

Some families brought a a picnic; others tucked into a delicious Lebanese BBQ dinner; and everyone had a good time. So went another Carols by Twilight at The Infants' Home.

The 2011 edition of our popular celebration included all the old Christmas favourites from the Ashfield Boys' High Choir. About 300 people enjoyed the spirit of Christmas.

Earlier, the Music Man, Lionel Robinson had all the kids up and dancing.

Christmas Carols 2011

The Infants' Home Carols by Twilight 2011 uncovered some new vocal talent.

Middle Eastern Feastin'

Our long-time supporter, Wests Ashfield, sponsored the Lebanese BBQ, in keeping with our multicultural community.

Volunteers from another long-time supporter, Herbalife, cooked the feast and cleaned up afterwards.

Carols, Santa and much more...

Carols by Twilight is an evening when all our families and the local community come together to celebrate the festive season.

Santa arrived after the carols, spreading his own brand of fun and cheer. It was all a wonderful way for children and families to share some time together in our beautiful heritage-listed grounds.


L to R: A young man hears a carol he knows; Lionel Robinson warms up the crowd; and you-know-who arrives.

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